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the University of Florida's COE for USDA holdings

The Department of Agriculture was created by an act of Congress approved May 15, 1862. It was administered by the Commissioner of Agriculture until 1989 when the powers and duties of the agency were expanded. It was made the eighth exec utive department in the Federal Government and the Commissioner became the Secretary of Agriculture. As a Federal Depository Library and a land-grant University, the Government Documents Department at the University of Florida holds over 3,500 titles produced by the Department of Agriculture. A selected segment of these holdings are held as archival copies for the Association of Southeast Research Libraries (ASERL), as part of the Collaborative Federal Depository Project (CFDP). To this end, a Center of Excellence (COE) has been set up for the agencies listed below. Every effort will be made to collect, retain, and digitize the publications of these agencies to ensure future accessibility. For more information about the University of Florida's COE for USDA holdings, contact: Chelsea Dinsmore ( For more information about the libraries of the University of Florida, visit our website at University of Florida.. More information about the CFDP program can be found on the ASERL website at ASERL.

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